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Trucking by Russia

Akolit Logistic provides a full complex for the transportation of goods across Russia by road, rail and air transport.

According to Many years experience of qualified specialists, we created and daily prove the service which allows to carry out freight transportation to Russia by various kinds of transport, routes in accordance with the needs of our Partners.

 Trucking by Russia

Long-distance transportation by Truck (82-90 m3, 20 tons)
● Semitrailers: side, tilt, isothermal, refrigerator
● Submission of vehicles in all main areas within 24 hours after the application

Door to door delivery with carrying capacity from 1.5 to 20 tons
● Door-to-door transportation service for long-distance traffic
● The cargo owner can always choose an alternative between track and delivery of the consolidated cargo for small consignments

Groupage cargoes
● Delivery of small-sized cargoes of different cargo owners by one direction at one vehicle
● Related services, if necessary: consolidation, cross-docking

Oversized cargo
● Delivery of oversized, heavy, non-standard cargo of any complexity on any route of Russia by specialized transport.

 Trucking to the North-West and Central regions of Russia

Hourly rent
● Provision of various types of motor vehicles by type and carrying capacity from 1.5 to 20 tons

Delivery to retail chains
● Individual development of the transportation plan for the trading networks of the North-West and Central regions of Russia
● Tracking and operational support
● Fast and high-quality workflow
● Integrated accounting system "Mercury"

 Warehousing services
● Acceptance and shipment of goods through the warehouse directly, without placement in the zone of long-term storage
● One-stage cross-docking - the cargo passes through the warehouse as a separate order (transport - storage - transport)
● Two-stage cross-docking - shipped cargo is re-formed, and is divided into groups
● Processing by quantity / quality, including inventory and expiration dates
● Packaging, sorting, palletizing / packaging
● Marking, weighing, photo reporting
● Preparation of accompanying documentation
● Integrated accounting system "Mercury"

 Special equipment, oversized cargo transportation
● Low load cargo platforms that do not have sides
● Cargo trawls - type of semitrailer with a dedicated base up to 16 meters, width up to 4 meters and carrying capacity up to 150 tons
● Chaulands - type of freight transport with open sides or semitrailer. Used for the transportation of long loads of small masses
● Individual development of the optimal solution for the transportation method
● Preparation of accompanying documents
● Transportation to Russia
● Export via port of St. Petersburg to the regions of Russia

 Container Shipping
● Allow to perform uninterrupted cargo transportation, thereby significantly reducing the volume of intermediate handling operations
● Rail transportation in Russia
● Terminal processing in the ports of St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Vostochny
● Delivery to the port and trucking from the port

 Air transportation to Russia
● The advantage of this service is the speed of delivery
● Given the variety of services, Akolit Logistics organizes multimodal transportation "door to door"

 International transportation to CIS countries
● Direct truck, load capacity of 20 tons: tilt, isothermal and refrigerated semi-trailers
● Groupage cargoes
● Preparation of accompanying documentation
● Transportation in import / export mode: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

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